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Home loans
Not only do we have a wide range of Lenders available to find you the best deal we also have access to a large number of different
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Business Loans
Professional Lending Solutions Australia offers commercial loan finance solutions tailored to your needs from a wide range of Australia’s
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Loan Health Check
Banks can often take existing client for granted and rarely pass on the current specials they are offering new clients. It’s a fact Bank
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Use some of our calculators to work out what you think is a manageable loan amount for your current circumstance. For a more in depth
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referral Program
Professional Lending Solutions is a rapidly growing financial services company with staff that have helped thousands of Australians with home
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Professional Lending Solutions Australia(PLS) is a dynamic company reinvigorating the Finance Broker Business Model and in now
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Welcome to Professional Lending Solutions


Your bank will try to sell you the best loan they have at the time, We can help find you the best Lending Solution from over 25 Lenders in the market. Often banks offer new deals and cheaper rates to win new customer but existing customers get left on the old higher rates,for more information about PLS Click Here…

Helping you get the right loan sooner

  • We Can come to you

    When it's convenient, be it the home, office or coffee shop.
  • We provide lending options and Flexibility

    With access to over 32 lenders including the big 4 we can find the loan that is just right for you
  • We simplify the application Process

    We help you to navigate and take the stress out of the paper work.
  • We Save you Money

    Our buying power helps you get the lowest rates often even lower than advertised rates,

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what our clients say

M Mcshannag Brisbane

We were referred to Professional Lending Solutions by a friend when our bank knocked us back for an increase on our home loan for a renovation. They came to our home and sat down with us and really got to know about who we are and what we were after before recommending a number of banks and financial institution would be prepared to give us the funds. We actually had enough information at home to complete the application which they took away and had approved in 48 hours. It’s really good to know they are looking after our loans now and they are very helpful anytime when call for any help or information.

By : M Mcshannag Brisbane

Mr and Mrs Bristow Robina

Not only did Professional Lending Solutions Australia Organise a great deal to consolidate all of our debts into one convenience facility with another major bank, but they also helped us to secure funding to purchase a new car for the business we have just started. They came out to our home and even worked directly with our accountant and the car yard to get all the information they needed. We were able to get a fast approval to have everything organised very quickly.

By : Mr and Mrs Bristow Robina

A Bates Labrador

Phillip has been a trusted adviser to our company for nearly 10 years dating back to his time at NAB Business Bank. He has helped us secure Home and investment property loans, Commercial property loans, Overdraft, Business Credit Cards, several Equipment Loans and even a personal Loan. He has a very good understanding of complex lending and business structures. He has always made the process very easy for us and usually deals directly with our accountant for whatever he needs. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to assist with any type of business and personal finance.

By : A Bates Labrador
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