Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the advantages of using a Professional Lending Solutions broker instead of going to a bank or other lender?

The most obvious advantage is that your Lending Solutions broker can give you access to a large range of lenders and their products. This means you are far more likely to get the home loan that best suits your needs. The bank can only offer you the best deal they have, we can offer you the best deal for you in the whole financial market. With our buying power and knowledge, we will often be given special rates for our clients as the banks know how easy it is for us to go with another lender.

2. Do I have to pay my Lending Solutions broker to set up my home loan?

No. Your Professional Lending Solutions broker is paid a commission by the lender that provides you with your home loan.

3. What kind of loans is available from a Professional Lending Solutions broker?

Your Professional Lending Solutions broker provides access to funding solutions from all the major banks, building societies, and other lenders. In total, they can offer a range of over 1000 products from more than 30 lenders.

4. Can I deal with a Professional Lending Solutions broker that is not located near me?

Your mortgage broker can help clients located anywhere in the country. A number of banks now allow us to use various technologies to interview clients and do ID verification.

5. If I buy a home loan from here, do I still need to go see the bank or other lender who provides the home loan?

No. This is all handled for you by the Professional Lending Solutions broker.

6. Do home loans cost more if you get them from a PLS broker instead of directly from the bank?

No. The costs are the same. From the bank’s perspective, whether it pays a Lending Solutions broker or an employee, either way, there is a cost associated with selling a home loan.

7. After the home loan is set up, who sends me mortgage statements – the PLS broker or the lender?

The lender will send you all documentation and statements directly. You can contact your lender about your home loan at any time, though you may find it more convenient to go through your broker with any questions you might have.