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Looking for the “best mortgage broker Gold Coast?”. Look no further than our expert team of mortgage brokers centrally located on the Gold Coast. Whether you are buying your first home or you are expanding your property portfolio, a mortgage broker will ensure you have access to the best mortgage interest rates and features. 

Here the top 5 reasons to use a mortgage broker:

  • They can help you find the best interest rates available
  • They can provide you with timely and accurate information, saving you stress and confusion
  • They work with lenders every day and can advise you on the mot up-to-date lending criteria
  • They have a legal duty to work in your best interests (banks don’t)
  • They simplify the loan process by handling everything for you

Here at Professional Lending Solutions, our Gold Coast mortgage brokers handle the tough loans that others can’t. If you have a complex lending situation, don’t risk it with the bank, contact us and get it right the first time.

Gold Coast Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Brokers Gold Coast: A Checklist

When deciding on the best mortgage broker Gold Coast to help you with a hassle-free loan application, use this checklist as part of your research:

  • Ensure the mortgage broker is licensed.  You want to be only using a licensed broker who is legally qualified to provide credit loan advice.
  • Check online reviews to ensure they have a good reputation for assisting people with their finances. Online reviews through Google and other online platforms are a great source of reviews for professions like mortgage brokers. 
  • Ask questions to ensure they are working in your best interests. It’s okay to ask your mortgage broker what the difference is between fixed rate or variable interest rates or how certain loan features work. A highly experienced mortgage broker will answer all your questions.
  • Ask them to explain why their recommendation is the best one for you. They should be able to explain this in a way you can understand. They should also have other options available for review if you decide you don’t like their first recommendation for any reason.
  • Work with a real person, not an online website or portal. When your home loan is likely to be your largest purchase (and debt) of your life, don’t trust a home loan website with no real-person support or advice. Trust your home loan finances to an expert, not a computer.

Home loans Gold Coast - Fast Facts

When you are house hunting, you usually need your home finances sorted quickly. Here are a selection of FAQs we find most home buyers have when they come to us about a home loan. Get the best out of your mortgage by being up to scratch ahead of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some lenders prefer a 20% deposit but there are many options for obtaining home loan approval with a smaller deposit. Speaking to a mortgage broker is your first step to understanding everything about deposit amounts, Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) and borrowing power.

A fixed rate loan typically means you’ll have the same interest rate for a predetermined period of time. There are options to fully fix an interest rate or partially fix a rate and an experienced mortgage broker will take you through the different options that will suit your financial situation best. A variable interest rate on the other hand means your monthly repayments may vary depending on the current interest rates on the market and what your lender charges. There are pros and cons to all options and a mortgage broker can advise these for you.

Loan features can include things like being able to make extra repayments without fees,, having an offset account or redraw facility. It is important to understand what features you need to make your mortgage work best for you. Once our expert team understands your personal circumstances, we can advise the best loan features and the lenders that offer them for a hassle-free loan application process to get you making those real estate offers.

Our highly experienced team can advise you of the loan scenarios available regarding interest rates, repayment amounts and loan terms. Knowing how much you can afford to borrow will be one of the first things we help you understand when you get in contact with our mortgage specialists. 

In short, not at all! There is no limit to how often or how many times you can review your mortgage. Doing so with a trusted mortgage broker will ensure you are always getting the best deal. Once you have a home loan, the bank won’t tell you when there’s a better deal (from them or a competitor), but with a mortgage broker you have access to the latest home loan information at all times.

We strongly recommend you get pre-approval on your finance before you start making real estate offers. If you are unsure what your maximum borrowing power and had it confirmed through pre-approval finance, you are leaving yourself open to not having enough money on hand at settlement. If your contract falls over because you don’t have enough money available, you lose the house and all that time and effort you put into finding that property. Do yourself a favour and see us before you make any offers. You’ll know exactly what your limit is for making offers and will give yourself the best chance at securing the right property first time.

Our services are available to you at no fee. Mortgage brokers are paid by the lenders or banks, not the borrowers. Rest assured, we have a legal duty to work in your best interests so we use our panel of lenders to match you with the best solution for your lending needs.

Testimonials for Mortgage Brokers Gold Coast

Nick Hurrell
Nick Hurrell
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“We were initially stuck with a bank with a ridiculous rate, luckily Phil was able to get us out and in with another top bank at a rate that is saving us about $800/month. Phil was fantastic from the start and gave us his promise that he would look after us and get us the best rate possible. I tried myself with a new bank but got nowhere near the rate Phil was able to secure for us! Thank you again so much Phil, we can now breathe much easier and have extra cash in the bank to do some renovations. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to get out of a bad situation and into a bloody good one!”
 Michael McShanag
Michael McShanag
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“Great service from everyone in the team. They've helped us out more than once and continue to update us with the best deals as they become available. Definitely recommend their ongoing service.”
Nathan Marchant
Nathan Marchant
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“Phil and the team have been fantastic from the first time we used their services buying our first home 5 years ago to now helping us turn a dream in to a reality by refinancing to renovate. We couldn’t be happier with the service we have had over the years with multiple loans and would recommend anyone in need of financial services to get in touch with Phil and his team.”
Dominic Dang
Dominic Dang
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“Awesome service and quick results! Very understanding and listens to what you have to say. Phil gives you all the options that are available and from his experience how to approach things. Highly recommend to anyone looking to take out a loan or refinance their mortgage or just general enquiries. Phil was a true professional from the start to finish. He gets results! We highly recommend Phil.”

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